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*price varies on vehicle size.

  • Price starts from 89.99$
  • Garbage disposal
  • Full interior vacuum including trunk vacuumย 
  • Shampoo dashboard and cupholders and center console
  • Wipe windows and windshield
  • Steam treatments
  • Other personalization:
  • You have spot to clean - seats to clean - other personalization...
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Platinum package


*price varies on vehicle size. AVG Market Price: $200

  • Shampoo Dashboard, console and doors +ย  detailing.
  • Steam shampoo of carpets, seats and mats
  • Steam treatments.
  • Dusting and vacuuming of all interior spaces.
  • Salt & soil stains removal.
  • Cleaning mirrors and all windows.
  • Interior sanitized and disinfected.
  • Salt removal.
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Gold package


*price varies on vehicle size. AVG Market Price: $250

  • everythings in the Platinum Package, plus :
  • Interior maintenance kit for leather:
  • long life lasting + protection.
  • Plastic restoration.
  • Leather Protection kit.
  • Shampoo for dashboard, Ac ventes, Cupholders and doors.
  • Full steam rebatement
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