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    *price varies on vehicle size.

    • Price starts from 89.99$
    • Garbage disposal
    • Full interior vacuum including trunk vacuum 
    • Shampoo dashboard and cupholders and center console
    • Wipe windows and windshield
    • Steam treatments
    • Other personalization:
    • You have spot to clean - seats to clean - other personalization...
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    Platinum package


    *price varies on vehicle size. AVG Market Price: $200

    • Shampoo Dashboard, console and doors +  detailing.
    • Steam shampoo of carpets, seats and mats
    • Steam treatments.
    • Dusting and vacuuming of all interior spaces.
    • Salt & soil stains removal.
    • Cleaning mirrors and all windows.
    • Interior sanitized and disinfected.
    • Salt removal.
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    Gold package


    *price varies on vehicle size. AVG Market Price: $250

    • everythings in the Platinum Package, plus :
    • Interior maintenance kit for leather:
    • long life lasting + protection.
    • Plastic restoration.
    • Leather Protection kit.
    • Shampoo for dashboard, Ac ventes, Cupholders and doors.
    • Full steam rebatement
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    More details about the EXTRA's !

    Car detailing services often include a wide range of cleaning and restoration procedures designed to make a vehicle look and feel like new. Beyond the standard exterior and interior cleaning, extra services like salt removal, pet hair removal, personalized stains removal, and smoke removal can significantly enhance the appearance and overall condition of a vehicle. Here’s an explanation of each:

    Salt Removal

    In regions where road salt is used during winter for snow and ice control, vehicles can accumulate salt deposits on the exterior, which can lead to rust and corrosion if not addressed. Salt removal involves thoroughly cleaning the underside, wheel wells, and exterior surfaces to eliminate salt residue, protecting the vehicle's paint and metal components.

    • Starting 20$

    Pet Hair Removal

    For pet owners, pet hair can be a persistent and challenging issue. Specialized tools and techniques are used to remove pet hair from seats, carpets, and other interior surfaces. This service not only improves the cleanliness of the vehicle but also removes allergens and odors associated with pet hair.

    • Starting at 30$

    Personalized Stains Removal

    Personalized stains may include anything from food and beverage spills to ink marks, makeup smudges, and more. Detailers use various cleaning products and techniques to target and remove these specific stains, restoring the affected areas to their original condition.


    • Starting 20$

    Smoke Removal

    Vehicles that have been exposed to cigarette or cigar smoke can develop persistent odors and unsightly residue on interior surfaces. Smoke removal services involve deep cleaning and deodorizing the interior to eliminate smoke odors and stains. This can greatly improve air quality and the overall aesthetic of the vehicle's interior.

    • Platinum package recommended + Odor Eliminator Pro treatments : +40$

    Chewing gum removal

    - starting from 40$

    Heavy cleaning - Moving items

    - Construction cars

    - Picking big size garbage (over 10 minutes)

    - Move out-in items (car not empty while arriving).

    - Makeup + 10 cm spots removal 

    And others.., the technician will evaluate the situation. 

    - 40$

    Vomit and urine treatments

    Uncover the critical need for specialized treatment when it comes to vomit and urine incidents. Beyond the visible mess, these biohazards can harbor harmful viruses like HIV. At Clean24HR, we prioritize your safety and well-being, implementing extra care in our treatment processes. Visit our page for detailed insights into how we tackle these challenges, ensuring a clean and secure environment for you. Your health matters, and Clean24HR is committed to delivering top-notch solutions.


    Timely Arrival and Fee Policy for Efficient Service

    - Punctuality is vital to our operations, and we ask for your cooperation in ensuring your car is empty upon arrival. Any delay surpassing 30 minutes will incur a $20 charge. If the delay persists, extending beyond the allotted time, half the cost of the next booking may be charged, and the subsequent appointment could be canceled. We appreciate your understanding as we strive to maintain a streamlined and efficient service schedule.

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